Html Protector


ByteRun HTML Protector

Completely protect your web site, encrypt source of HTML pages, protect your JavaScript, web design, content. Optionally disable offline browsing, showing links, text selection, right click on pages, set password, insert copyright information and more.

Advanced HTML Protector  v.3 2

If you are a web designer, you know how much time, energy and money it takes to create a unique and professional Web Page. You also know how easy it is for visitors to copy your work and reuse it in their Web Page. That is called web site plagiarism.


Right HTML Protector

Protect web pages from unauthorized text, photos, graphic and e-mails extracting, saving original appearance. Encrypted HTML and source code blocks web site rippers and email extractors used to collect spamming email bases. It features six encryption

Trellian WebSafe  v.2 1

Trellian WebSafe provides a welcome solution for the protection of your valuable and hard work!

Profit Protector  v.1.0.0001

Protect your affiliate links with javascript encapsulation. Profit Protector will generate HTML pages that you can link to that will hide and protect your affiliate identification.

ByteRun Protector for PHP  v.

All scripts protected by ByteRun Protector for PHP are converted to bytecode and encrypted. These scripts contain no source code, but they are still executable and cross-platform compatible. This time-proved technique is 100% secure.

Web Protector  v.2.0

Web Protector protects your Web pages from unauthorized cloning or Internet theft. Protection includes HTML code, JavaScript, VBscript, text, links, and graphics.

LockLizard Protector Web Content Security  v.2 1

Protect your HTML, web pages, web sites and portals, elearning courses, images, ebooks, documents, PDF and flash files from unauthorized use and misuse. Protect your IPR and your company?

Licence Protector Multimedia Edition  v.3.1.3

Multimedia Protector allows protecting Flash, PDF, PowerPoint, Video, Images, HTML and other file types like Office Documents* (Word) or EXE. Every type of document, which can be printed with a printer driver, can be protected. All files of a project

Web Image Protector  v.1.0

Web Image Protector enables you to protect your website images from being easily saved or harvested by users. It modifies the HTML source and splits your images into multiple parts, then re-assembles them using CSS and tables.

Secure HTML - LockLizard HTML Security viewer  v.2.0.9

HTML security viewer with DRM encryption.

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